Opening PAKARI


We Are Warriors..

And we are officially live.

Welcome to Pakari a new brand coming from the jiu jitsu and grappling culture. I believe there is a warrior in all of us and hope to capture that emotion with this brand. I strive for the highest quality products to make your journey in sports and life that little bit nicer, more enjoyable, and cooler.

I feel that jiu jitsu, grappling and strength training made me a better person, kind of a modern warrior. Luckily we don't have to fight nowadays for food, shelter or security. But I believe we all have a battle to fight. And in that fight we need a warrior. That warrior is in all of us, and sometimes we need it more that other times. A true warrior can show his or her face when it's time to fight.

Starting and building this company is filled with battles and fights. Become better in jiu jitsu is filled with bad days and tap-outs. Life for that matter is filled with rainy days and setbacks.

But we all are fighters, I hope you can see that too and join Pakari on the way.

We Are Warriors.